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Wheat is an important global grain with a long history and is an important agricultural product in human history. The main importing countries of wheat are Japan, India, Mainland China, Eastern Europe and Australia.

Most of wheat is used in food production, the proportion of wheat used in livestock feed is less than other crops. In addition, wheat is mostly used as food raw materials, thus the demand and supply situation is relatively stable and has a positive relationship with personal income.

Wheat is the basic food crop in most countries, which its sowing time is from mid-September to late October and harvest time is from late June to late July. A cool and humid climate is needed in sowing season, not too much rain in growing season, and sunny weather in ripening season.

Contribution factors:

Climate change during growth


Agricultural policies of Exporting Countries

Changes in yield

Supply and demand changes of USDA

Changes in supply and price of substitute goods