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Corporate Governance

The company attaches great importance to corporate governance and ensures that the company's governance pipeline meets the relevant laws, regulations, systems and regulations of the state, regulatory agencies and the Group. Good corporate governance is a professional ethic that reflects our respect and integrity, and we are united with each other, so as to protect the interests of the group, investors, customers, stakeholders and employees, and show that we value this long-term relationship and prevent all kinds of problems. Financial crime.

Comprehensive risk management
The company believes that good risk management is an important factor in business success. In daily operations, we place great emphasis on risk management and emphasize the need to strike a balance between risk control and business growth and development. In order to improve the risk control management capability and strengthen the overall risk monitoring, the Company further promoted the construction of a comprehensive risk system to ensure the legal compliance of various business operations, and implemented a strict risk management system to enhance the consistency and effectiveness of risk management and strengthen risks. Early warning, monitoring and resolution, and stick to the bottom line of risk management.

Compliance management
The company continues to improve the law-abiding compliance system, strengthen compliance awareness, standardize responsibility management, improve system construction, and strengthen the management of legal compliance of various businesses. Regularly hold compliance training, continuously improve the awareness of compliance among all employees, educate everyone on how to discipline their own laws, and work under the premise of obeying the law.
In addition, all management and employees are subject to the Employee Handbook. Everyone must bear specific responsibilities for the company's business conduct and principles. Violation of the Employee Handbook will result in disciplinary action.

Prevent corruption and accept bribes
The company has always complied with the Group's regulations, management rules and Hong Kong anti-corruption regulations, prohibiting all luxury or frequent banquets and hospitality, and standardizing the travel expenses, official vehicles, meals and banquet expenses of employees, so as to seek truth from facts. Waste resources, practice diligence, anti-corruption and rectification. It also conducts anti-corruption and bribery training on a regular basis, and combines the contents of the “Family Conduct of the COFCO Managers” and the “Employee Handbook” to enhance the construction of professional ethics and integrity culture, and to bring the core values of integrity to the ground.

Avoid conflicts of interest
All employees of the company are required to declare existing or potential conflicts of interest in real time according to the benefit declaration mechanism of the Employee Handbook. If employees have other shares, equity or part-time jobs outside the company, they must declare and make a statement to ensure that the company is not affected. And its own operation.

Avoid unauthorized disclosure of information
According to the Employee Handbook, employees are required to protect company confidential data, prohibit disclosure of unauthorized information, and ensure that company information is used only for the company's business.