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SGX FTSE China A50 Index Futures is the world's only offshore futures tracking the China A-share market. The contract acts as a hedging tool for product issuers, an investment tool for investors who lack onshore access or as an arbitrage tool for traders between related products and onshore equities.

Tracking the performance of the largest 50 'A' shares companies in China, the underlying FTSE China A50 index is highly correlated with the SSE50 and CSI300 indices. Investors can use the SGX FTSE China A50 Index Futures contract with the UUSD/CNH and CNY/USD FX Futures contracts to comprehensively manage Chinese equity and currency exposures.

Available for trading on all Chinese onshore trading days, the SGX FTSE China A50 Index Futures offer investors close to 20 hours of trading to manage their Chinese A-shares risk across Asian,European and U.S. time zones.

Contributing factors:

1.     Economic development

2.     China's inflation situation

3.     Consumer price index

4.     Operating status of each listed company

5.     International stock market influence

6.     Labor market situation

7.     Import and export trade

8.     Domestic demand sales

9.     Exchange rate changes

10.   International factors

11.   Political factors

12.   Natural disaster